Vermont Maple Syrup Collection - Nine Half-Pint Sampler Pack


These rugged yet elegant bottles make perfect host/hostess gifts, thank-you presents, and stocking stuffers. Nine half-pints of pure Vermont maple syrup are included in this collection so you will have plenty to share. Each bottle is labeled with the farm that made the maple syrup and all half-pints are shipped in nicely printed tubes. Enjoy the unique flavors yourself, or send it to a loved one as the perfect gift!

The following grades are included and the syrup will come from a mix of the farms that we work with. 

  • Amber & Rich 
  • Dark & Robust 
  • Very Dark & Strong (only one or two)
  • (no Golden & Delicate this year due to short supply)

Our small batch, single-sourced pure Vermont maple syrup is traditionally hand-crafted with care and hard work on small family farms. We are proud to bring you a little bit of Vermont in a Bottle. 

  • Made on our farms
  • Bottled on our farms
  • Wood-fired evaporators, not fuel oil
  • No reverse osmosis 
  • Glass bottles made in the US 
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Carbon neutral shipping

    Thank you for supporting our small family farms!

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