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Great Syrup

"This is what maple syrup SHOULD taste like. DELICIOUS!!! Loving it!" ~ Cora A

You can taste the difference

"In my family we have been enjoying VT maple syrup for generations and in my opinion the small batch syrup is definitely more tasty than syrup from huge producers. A friend gave me a bottle of syrup from Maple Flower Farm and it is definitely as good as maple syrup can be!" ~ Martha S 

A Taste of the Vermont Landscape

"There's something almost ineffable about the taste of real Vermont maple syrup. Just dipping your finger into it and dabbing a drop on your tongue evokes images of standing outside a sugarhouse on a brisk, February night with the sap boiling and the stream rising up towards a star-filled sky. It tastes of deep woods, stately, gnarled maple trees and the very earth on which they grow. It's a flavor produced with tradition, hard work and a connection to the special, Vermont landscape.

Sunnybrook Farm's Grade A, dark maple syrup contains this essence and is to be savored. It delights the taste buds whether dribbled over vanilla ice cream as a dessert treat, complementing the strong flavor of salmon as part of a marinade or helping to tang and sweeten a salad when added to a dressing. Or if you've just had a bad day, just one drop of it can delight the tongue and evoke memories of helping a nearby farmer collecting sap over fifty years ago, as it does with me. Yes, I'll take the traditional ways any time and that's what this delicious syrup represents." ~ Glenn R

Loved Getting My Maple Syrup from the Farmer!

"I loved being able to get my maple syrup directly from the Howard family. I also liked that it was in glass bottles. I don't like plastic packaging as I know sometimes it gets into the product. I also liked having a choice of three grades of the syrup to choose from. I will definitely order again." ~ Mary W

Vermont Traditions Live On!

"Traditions, hard work, respect for the land, truly "good" people, love, Vermont Maples, all = Pure sweetness! Maple Flower Farm Syrup is amazing! I gave it to friends and family as gifts! Love what you both do Cory and Liz! Hoping to see you in the spring!" ~ Deb S

Maple perfection!

"I have so enjoyed this syrup. The flavor is very pure, rich and true. I highly recommend that you order some today. It is delicious on oatmeal, pancakes and even ice cream. I have to resist the urge to just drink it!" ~ Candy Z

Over the top excellence!

"The syrup was absolutely out of this world delicious (and I'm a 9th generation Vermonter). I cannot say enough about how fantastic the syrup is…. I try to keep myself to a shot a day but it's just so dang gooooooood." ~ Amy A


"I have ordered multiple quarts of this maple syrup and each time it is incredibly delicious. I always choose the dark and robust for the depth and richness of flavor. The glass bottles are reasonably priced and arrive extremely well packaged - thank you! I will continue to support your small family farms!" ~ Martha H

Great syrup options!

"I ordered two bottles - the Dark & Robust for myself and the Amber & Rich to have on hand for guests. Both are fantastic. I love a rich, bold syrup and this definitely came through! The ordering process was easy and I was so impressed with the secure packaging - there was no risk of losing any precious syrup - and the customer service with the order." ~ Jordana M

Maple Magic

"I've lived in VT since 1991, consumed countless gallons of syrup, and made my own. Cory's commitment to his singlehanded & traditional sugaring methods and processing are a beautiful thing. He's a master, and the product shines in every way. Plus, appreciate the cool bottle. Keep it coming!" ~ Edie C

Keep Coming Back

"I absolutely love this maple syrup. I stumbled across Maple Farmers after moving to New Hampshire for grad school, and have been burning through bottles for waffles, cocktails, dressings, and marinades ever since. I've tried and enjoy all three grades but am personally partial to the dark & robust. This stuff is truly a cut above and 100% worth venturing outside the grocery store!" ~ Dakota L

The Real Deal

"We live in Virginia, so it's hard to come by the real stuff…. I was very pleased to find this website and can report that we love the syrup we got from Maple Flower Farm. It's the real deal with none of the reverse osmosis flavor found in everything else down here. Not only that, but it allows us to support traditional, small-scale manufacturers. Thank you!" ~ Taylor A