Liz and Cory Krieg from Maple Flower Farm

Cory and Liz Krieg – Maple Flower Farm – Bethel, Vermont

Maple Flower Farm is a small 15-acre farm located in the rolling hills of Bethel, Vermont. The house, barn and old rock dam were built in 1910. We’re first-generation farmers who have been tending this beautiful land for over 25 years. The sugarhouse, greenhouses and floral workshop were added during our tenure. We’re actively chasing our respective passions: crafting pure maple syrup and growing cut flowers.

Only 300 trees are tapped every spring. As there aren't quite that many maples on our farm, we work with our wonderful neighbor just down the road. Her sugarbush is a great example of a natural forest with a healthy mix of tree species and plenty of wildlife habitat. Only one tap is used per tree to ensure the sustained health of the trees. Instead of using vacuum pumps to draw the sap from the trees, we rely on the natural vacuum developed in smaller 3/16” tubing. This system lets us use far less plastic in the woods and avoid the pumps most larger operations use.

Our evaporator is fueled with about six cords of wood per year. We sustainably harvest the wood from our property. After the light thinning, the forest and trees are healthier, and the birds and animals are delighted to have the wildlife piles of brush left for them.

We look forward to the days when we can welcome visitors back to the farm to enjoy the sweetness of the maple in the spring and the beautiful, fragrant flowers in the summer.

- Cory and Liz

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