Pure Vermont Maple Syrup - Pint Glass Bottles


Our small batch, single-sourced pure Vermont maple syrup is traditionally hand-crafted with care and hard work on small family farms. Each bottle is labeled with the farm that made the maple syrup. We are proud to bring you a little bit of Vermont in a Bottle!

    • Made on our Vermont farms
    • Bottled on our Vermont farms
    • Wood-fired evaporators, not fuel oil
    • No high-brix reverse osmosis 
    • 16 oz glass bottles made in the US 
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    • Carbon neutral shipping

*** buy 8 and save 5% ***

By default, we will select which farm made your syrup. This lets us ensure that all of the farms get a fair share of the sales. If you want your syrup to come from a particular farm, just include a note in the shopping cart (the cart, not at checkout) when you place your order. If your farm of choice is out of stock, then we will let you know. Hopefully another farm's syrup will be OK. They are all delicious!

(The picture is of the half-pint but the "real" picture of the pint is coming soon!)

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