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We are a collective of small family farms in the hills of Vermont. We live on dairy farms, vegetable farms, and flower farms. We raise animals and we operate sawmills. We are carpenters, plumbers, and stonemasons. Crafting small-batch pure Vermont maple syrup is our common link and our passion.

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Gilead Brook Farm, also known as The Wright Family Farm, is one of the farms in our collective. The farm sits in a valley at the end of a long winding dirt road. At about 700 acres, the farm encompasses the entire valley. As you drive to the farm and round the last corner, the fields open up on either side of the majestic red barn perched above. Massive maple trees line the pastures where the 50 cows graze in the summer. The feeling of 'this is where I want my maple syrup to come from' is undeniable.