Customer Reviews of Our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

What sets us apart from other maple syrup producers? Our wonderful customers tell the story!


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I need auto delivery!

I am a frequent flyer buying Maple Farmers syrup. The syrup is delicious but the small farm story makes it all even better.
I appreciate the notes about the farms that come with my order and I also look forward to Cory’s email stories!

Pint Glass Bottles
Janet M Leane

Thank you, Vermont, for this golden treasure. Happy memories of New England for me in California, delicious and also an ideal gift.

Quart Glass Bottles
Peggy Ogilvy

Our favorite maple syrup!
Tastes just like the wonderful maple syrup my grandparents used to make in their little sugar house back in the 1960s. Divine! Bliss! Adore! Thank you! Five star!

Love From the First Taste

I’ve tried all the different grade of syrup from light delicates to the hardy darks, and found the tastes and textures of each one so superior. It’s a lovely fusion of nature’s maple trees and the dedicated farm families who produce these delicious syrups.Kudos!

Four Half-Pint Sampler
Adam Schwartzberg
Big brands don't compare

It's ridiculous how much more flavor this syrup has compared to anything I've purchased at a grocery store. Support small businesses, and get a better product!

An American tradition…pure, sweet maple syrup

It isn’t just the awesome flavors and sweetness of Vermont produced maple syrup, but the fact that this syrup is produced on small family farms, not “big business” production factories. Supporting the small farmers and the traditional way they make this syrup is quite frankly our duty and necessary to keep our American traditions alive. Anybody can boil maple sap in steam kettles or big gas fired cookers, but it takes real skill and a little love to make and bottle delicious maple and ship it for all to enjoy. Please buy this product. It is truly delicious and you will love it!

Quart Glass Bottles
Karen Goodlett
Wonderful Syrup and Support Small Farms Too!

We just received our second order of syrup from Maple Farmers. We liked our first bottle so much that I ordered another quart and 5 small bottles for gifts. The syrup is delicious and the packing for shipment is amazing! All 6 bottles arrived snug and safe less than a week after placing my order. Maple Farmers is the perfect way to purchase your syrup while supporting small Vermont farms!

Quart Glass Bottles
Kenneth Kinnan
Wonderful Product!

Your maple syrup products are wonderful and I use them several times a week! I have to place the next order earlier than the last because I ran out of syrup before ordering and found myself wanting pancakes one morning and I had no syrup! Bad planning on my part! Won't happen again! Keep making this wonderful produce. Thank you!

Pint Glass Bottles
Golden Amber

I live in Pa. so I have bought “local “ for years . Two years ago the family farm I bought from stopped producing. I started buying from another producer who uses reverse osmosis , being disappointed with the product I started my search and found this wonderful co-operative Maple Farmer’s. I have purchased from them the last to yrs. Their syrup is off the charts fabulous and they are an absolute delight to deal with and talk/share to.

Quart Glass Bottles
Timothy McKay
Maple tasting

We had an event at work and sampled all 4 color varieties and everyone loved them all, the darkest being the favorite of the day

Pint Glass Bottles
Sam Riccobene
Love Home Made!

Buying products from people who make them is a big thing for me, and it’s a rare privilege too, right?

This Maple Farmers syrup is simply excellent. Buying it from Cory and this coop is a feel-good bonus.

Thanks to all y’all up there in the north country.
Sam from Austin, TX


The syrup is the best and customer service is outstanding!

Excellent Value for Excellent Product

4 distinctly different tastes from the same natural product, nothing manufactured tasting in any of them.

Quart Glass Bottles
Elin Hardenberg
Fast shipping, excellent quality.

I am a Northern New Englander currently residing out of state. Traveling home for real syrup is cumbersome and this is the solution.

Quart Glass Bottles
Steven Williams
Pure liquid gold.

Not often can you go to a maple syrup producer and buy product just made right off the porch. I’ve never had a better maple syrup in my life. I ordered 6 more bottles. Highly recommend it.

Love the dark and robust

Just had my first taste this morning on Cream of Wheat. Superb - soft and rich. So so superior to grocery store product; packaging maple syrup in plastic ought to be subject to public shaming. Btw I used to live across the border in Rouses Point and miss the proximity to Vermont maple syrup. Can’t wait to try it on my homemade pancakes.

Quart Glass Bottles
Wayne Bassett
Makes your tongue rattle your ears.

What a great addition to any meal. As a farmer, I have shared many different agricultural products with friends and family. This syrup has been the biggest hit with all of them..

Great product!

Great syrup and incredible service!

Quart Glass Bottles
C Vèlez Tracy
Top Shelf Maple Syrup

The only maple syrup we use at home. We enjoy it on pancakes, French Toast, and even a splash in our club soda at dinner as a healthy alternative to regular soda. It’s truly First Place, Trophy maple syrup.

We are definitely fans

Got the 3 half pint sampler pack just to give these products a try.

I'm a fan of the Golden and Delicate. Usually other syrups are too sweet and overpowering for me. This one is just perfect. Wife loved the Amber's taste and texture. Kids will always love anything sugary so they really liked the Amber as well. Haven't tried the Robust one as of yet but I bet I know what their favorite will be!

We're always looking for better options for our kids and we want to support small businesses.

We are most definitely fans and will be back for more!


Your variety of Vermont Maple syrups never ceases to please the most discriminating palates! It’s the next best thing to being in Vermont! I was pleased you published the health benefits of natural maple syrup, as opposed to other processed syrups With corn syrup as the base.

Quart Glass Bottles
Sue Forrest
Such a pleasure!

Cory was so helpful and accommodating considering I have several allergies. He recommended one that did not contain any mammal products in the processing. What a pleasure in tasting this delicious syrup!


This must be what enlightenment feels like - I now know how real maple syrup tastes. Each syrup in this sampler has its own distinct flavor profile, and every one is divine. Now I'll never buy from anywhere else. I originally switched from grocery store syrup to Maple Farmers because they conduct bird-friendly farming practices. In addition to caring for the ecosystem, I'm delighted to report the upgrade in syrup quality to my life gives this purchase an A++!

Quart Glass Bottles
Donna Barrett
Love this syrup

Excellent product, wonderful service. Thank you for offering a natural product in a glass bottle.

This is THE best maple syrup available! Not only is it tasty, but you are supporting small family-run farms in Vermont. Farms that are working together to take care of their land and maple trees and farms that give back to their local communities. Plus the glass jars are beautiful and the packaging first rate! Can you tell I’m a fan???