Maple Flower Farm is a small farm located in the rolling hills of Bethel, Vermont. The house, barn and old rock dam were built in 1910. The sugarhouse, greenhouses and floral workshop were added this century. The farm is a beloved source of beautiful cut flowers, entertaining floral workshops, and delicious Vermont maple syrup.

feeding the fire at Maple Flower Farm
the maple sugarhouse at Maple Flower Farm in Bethel, Vermont
Cory and Liz at the Tunbridge Worlds Fair in Central Vermont

Cory and Liz are actively chasing their respective passions: crafting pure Vermont maple syrup and growing cut flowers. Their syrup is small batch, wood-fired and made the old fashioned way without the use of vacuum pumps or reverse osmosis. The terroir of the sugarbush is known to impart delicate floral notes and a slight reddish hue to their maple syrup. It's delightful and delicious.

Liz with a few of her flowers at Maple Flower Farm in Bethel, Vermont
bottling pure Vermont maple syrup in the sugarhouse
Cory and Liz in the sugarhouse