Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup is traditionally crafted in rustic sugarhouses deep in the rolling hills of Vermont. The sap from the maple trees is collected and then boiled over crackling wood fires with family and friends gathered around. There are no other ingredients, just 100% pure maple syrup.

The families in our collective take great pride in making the best pure maple syrup available. We do not use oil burners, high-brix reverse osmosis machines, or steam boilers. We all farm independently, but we sell collectively under the 'Maple Farmers' label and each bottle is proudly labeled with the name of the small maple farm that made the syrup. Our packaging is eco-friendly and all of our shipments are carbon neutral.  

The Maple Farmers in our Collective

The farmers in The Vermont Maple Farmers Collective are a diverse group of Vermont farmers: we live on dairy farms and vegetable farms; we raise animals and we operate sawmills; we grow cut flowers and we build stone walls; we are plumbers and carpenters. Crafting small-batch pure maple syrup is our common link and our passion.

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Vermont maple syrup grades

Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

There are four grades of maple syrup based on color and flavor: Golden & Delicate, Amber & Rich, Dark & Robust, and Very Dark & Strong. The sugar content is always the same, but the syrup flavors can be wildly different.
The Vermont Maple Syrup Tasting Guide

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Flavors

The flavors of maple syrup can vary significantly. The terroir of the soil, weather, and processing methods of the tree sap impacts the flavors. Whether it is floral notes, a butterscotch bouquet, or a hint of chocolate, the different flavors of pure unadulterated maple syrup are a delight for the senses.

Glass bottles are the best containers for pure Vermont maple syrup

Why Use Glass Bottles for Maple Syrup?

Glass bottles will preserve the color and flavor of pure maple syrup. They are also recyclable. If syrup is stored in plastic jugs it will darken over time.
the Maple Farmers Bear knows how to pour on the best pure Vermont maple syrup from Traditional Maple Farmers

Taste the Best Maple Syrup

Our pure maple syrup is made with traditional methods on small family farms. The caramelized flavors of maple syrup are exceptional when the batches are small. Most maple syrup is mass produced with high-brix reverse osmosis and steam boilers. It just doesn't taste the same. Vermonters know what makes good maple syrup, and we want to share our pure, unadulterated maple syrup experience with you. You will taste the difference.

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Support Small Maple Farms

Small farms are being overtaken by factory farms and we want to slow that trend. We're cutting out the middle man so that more money goes directly to the farmers who are making this pure Vermont maple syrup. Your purchase directly helps these small family farms in the hills of Vermont.

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standing in front of the sugarhouse where we make the best pure Vermont maple syrup from Traditional Maple Farmers - small batch wood-fired Vermont maple syrup direct from the farm
we care for the land when we make the best pure Vermont maple syrup from Traditional Maple Farmers - small batch wood-fired Vermont maple syrup direct from the farm

Help the Environment

Our lives are connected to our forests and the environment. We care for our trees so that they are sustained for our children and grandchildren.

When we make our maple syrup, we use renewable firewood, never fuel oil. Glass bottles are used because they are infinitely recyclable. We pay for carbon neutral shipping because we care.

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