experience pure Vermont maple syrup

hand-crafted in small batches and shipped directly to you from small family farms


Over the top excellence!

"The syrup was absolutely out of this world delicious (and I'm a 9th generation Vermonter). I cannot say enough about how fantastic the syrup is…. I try to keep myself to a shot a day but it's just so dang gooooooood." ~ Amy A


"I have ordered multiple quarts of this maple syrup and each time it is incredibly delicious. I always choose the dark and robust for the depth and richness of flavor. The glass bottles are reasonably priced and arrive extremely well packaged - thank you! I will continue to support your small family farms!" ~ Martha H

The Real Deal

"We live in Virginia, so it's hard to come by the real stuff…. I was very pleased to find this website and can report that we love the syrup we got from Maple Flower Farm. It's the real deal with none of the reverse osmosis flavor found in everything else down here. Not only that, but it allows us to support traditional, small-scale manufacturers. Thank you!" ~ Taylor A

Amazing Taste!

"Our house stopped buying "pancake syrup" at least 5 years ago but we were buying our maple syrup from Costco. Per a recommendation from frugalwoods.com I tried some of this maple syrup and I cannot believe the difference in taste from the "pure maple syrup" that we would buy at the store…. We will definitely be making this a permanent switch!" ~ Brittany H


"My husband and I received a bottle of maple syrup as a gift, and we are blown away by the quality. The flavor is so much richer than any of the maple syrups we have tried previously. We will definitely be back for more once this bottle runs out!" ~ Jenilee H

Loved Getting My Maple Syrup from the Farmer!

"I loved being able to get my maple syrup directly from the Howard family. I also liked that it was in glass bottles. I don't like plastic packaging as I know sometimes it gets into the product. I also liked having a choice of the grades of the syrup to choose from. I will definitely order again." ~ Mary W

Taste the Difference

Our syrup is made with traditional methods on small family farms. The caramelized flavors of maple syrup are exceptional when the batches are small. Most maple syrup is mass produced and homogenous. It just doesn't taste the same. The locals know it. And we want to share that real maple syrup experience with you. You will taste the difference.

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Support Family Farms

Small farms are being overtaken by factory farms and we want to slow that trend. We're cutting out the middle man so that more money goes directly to the farmers who are making this pure maple syrup. Your purchase directly helps these small family farms.

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Help the Environment

Our lives are connected to our forests and the environment. We care for our trees so that they are sustained for our children and grandchildren.

We use renewable firewood, never fuel oil. Glass bottles are used because they are infinitely recyclable. We pay for carbon neutral shipping because we care.

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