We are small farmers and we craft some really good maple syrup. The entire process from tree to bottle is single-sourced on our farms which helps ensure the highest quality maple syrup. When you buy our maple syrup, you support the people who actually tap the trees, collect the sap and boil the syrup that you’ll enjoy. We even ship it from our farms direct to you.

Most maple syrup available at online retailers or in grocery stores takes a very different path to your kitchen. That maple syrup comes from commercial packers who buy the syrup in barrels from medium and large-scale maple syrup farms in what is known as the “bulk” syrup market. The barrels of syrup are trucked to a central processing facility, blended in large batches to achieve a particular color grade, and then bottled up for sale and distribution to retailers.

We celebrate our small batch process because we know that our maple syrup is more flavorful than the bulk market’s homogenized syrup. As farmers who are connected to our land, we appreciate that the unique soils of our forests impart delicate flavors that are not lost on the discerning palate. We personally oversee the entire process to make sure the flavor is just right. Think of our maple syrup like a varietal bottle of wine as opposed to a box wine blend. Give our small batch maple syrup a try. You’ll taste the difference.

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