Since the launch of Maple Farmers a few years ago, we have enjoyed the support of many loyal customers. This is our chance to give back, and we are excited for this new program.

There are no gimmicks or points to count, just simple money saving rewards and fun virtual maple-related events. Based on your lifetime purchase amount, new rewards will be unlocked.

Customer Loyalty Program from Maple Farmers

I am most excited for the Virtual Maple Meetups. These will be airing live from the sugarhouse here at Maple Flower Farm. We will host maple syrup tastings combined with interesting educational opportunities. The format will be informal, interactive, and most importantly, fun! 

The schedule will be put together soon with the first Maple Meetup happening in late summer. Look for more information in the next newsletter.

Thank you for supporting our small family farms!

(This program is launching in June 2024. More details coming soon.)