The Howard’s Farm sits along a peaceful country road. The occasional passerby will see the two side-by-side historic farmhouses and some of the barns, but the majestic beauty of the farm is hidden from view. Behind the houses, the rolling landscape is dotted with massive rock outcroppings. The fields stretch a thousand feet in all directions until they meet the ring of grand old maple trees, seemingly standing watch over the farm and the maple sugarhouse below.

The Vermont maple syrup sugarhouse at the Howards' Family Farm in Braintree Vermont

Brothers Brian and Dale grew up here and live next door to each other. They run a sawmill, raise beef, and make pure Vermont maple syrup with traditional methods. The new sugarhouse is just about complete. It was built around the old sugarhouse, with one of the remaining interior wooden walls being over a hundred years old. The brothers are proud to say that the seventh generation of Howards are part of life on the family farm.  And don't be fooled by the masks - Brian and Dale are two of the kindest and jolliest guys you will ever meet!

Maple Farmers Brian and Dale outside of their Vermont maple syrup sugarhouse in Braintree Vermont