Three Half-Pint Sampler


Three charming half-pint (8 oz) bottles of pure Vermont maple syrup are included in this sampler collection. Enjoy the unique flavors yourself, or send it to a loved one as the perfect gift. To make these even more fun, we include our Maple Syrup Tasting Guide as well as six cheery sampling cups!

  • One Golden & Delicate
  • One Amber & Rich
  • One Dark & Robust

Our small batch pure Vermont maple syrup is traditionally crafted in rustic sugarhouses deep in the rolling hills of Vermont. It is made on small family farms over crackling wood fires with family and friends gathered around. The sap from the maple trees is collected and then boiled in small batches; there are no other ingredients – just pure maple syrup. Give it a try and experience why we call it Vermont in a Bottle.

  • Made on our small family farms
  • Bottled on our farms
  • Wood-fired evaporators, not fuel oil
  • No high-brix reverse osmosis
  • No steam boilers
  • Glass bottles made in the US
  • Eco-friendly packaging
  • Carbon neutral shipping

    Thank you for supporting our small family farms!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Hugo Nieto
    We are definitely fans

    Got the 3 half pint sampler pack just to give these products a try.

    I'm a fan of the Golden and Delicate. Usually other syrups are too sweet and overpowering for me. This one is just perfect. Wife loved the Amber's taste and texture. Kids will always love anything sugary so they really liked the Amber as well. Haven't tried the Robust one as of yet but I bet I know what their favorite will be!

    We're always looking for better options for our kids and we want to support small businesses.

    We are most definitely fans and will be back for more!


    Probably the finest syrup that I have tasted. Shipped immediately, enjoyed it sooner, quick to reorder. Sent everyone on my Christmas list a selection of Maple Farmers syrup.

    I am glad you enjoy the syrup Scott! This is a really late reply from me, but I am just getting up to speed on Shop. :) I had to change the app I use for reviews and this popped up. Sugaring season is almost here again!

    Thomas Reitz
    Eat the Sugar...get the flavor

    Excellent product. I love Maple syrup & now can enjoy the real flavor over just sweetness. Purchased the dark & very dark. My daughter has used it her granola bar recipe. It's good on cottage cheese, french toast, & of course pancakes. My grandfather was a vegetable, fruit, and pork farmer. I grew up eating from the ground, the fruit tree, and the butcher shop. Now I get a direct connection to the sap. Thanks, I know how hard you work. I wish more people valued farms and farmers.

    Jean Krieg
    Best ever maple syrup!

    Having grown up on Vermont Maid syrup, I was amazed to find that REAL syrup is completely different. Over the years I've tried all kinds of real syrup, from fancy to something resembling molasses. Once Cory started making his own a few years ago, I haven't wanted any other kind - not just because he's my son, but because Cory LOVES making syrup and does a fantastic job. Maple syrup is great on ice cream, in coffee, on pancakes, waffles and french toast, or just plain by the spoonful! You can cook with it too. If your mouth has started watering just thinking about it, put your syrup order in and look forward to some sweet tasting maple treats!

    Thank you for the kind words Mom!

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