Pint Glass Bottles


Pint bottles of pure maple syrup are a perfect size for a gift or to tuck into the refrigerator. 

Our small batch pure Vermont maple syrup is traditionally crafted in rustic sugarhouses deep in the rolling hills of Vermont. It is made on small family farms over crackling wood fires with family and friends gathered around. The sap from the maple trees is collected and then boiled in small batches; there are no other ingredients – just pure maple syrup. Give it a try and experience why we call it Vermont in a Bottle.

    • Made on our small family farms
    • Bottled on our farms
    • Wood-fired evaporators, not fuel oil
    • No high-brix reverse osmosis 
    • No steam boilers
    • 16 oz glass bottles made in the US 
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    • Carbon neutral shipping

By default, we will select which farm made your syrup. This lets us ensure that all of the farms get a fair share of the sales. If you want your syrup to come from a particular farm, just include a note in the shopping cart (the cart, not at checkout) when you place your order. If your farm of choice is out of stock, then we will let you know. Hopefully another farm's syrup will be OK. They are all delicious!

(The picture is of the half-pint bottle but the "real" picture of the pint bottle of syrup is coming someday!)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Janet M Leane

Thank you, Vermont, for this golden treasure. Happy memories of New England for me in California, delicious and also an ideal gift.

Mary Meyer
Love From the First Taste

I’ve tried all the different grade of syrup from light delicates to the hardy darks, and found the tastes and textures of each one so superior. It’s a lovely fusion of nature’s maple trees and the dedicated farm families who produce these delicious syrups.Kudos!

Golden Amber

I live in Pa. so I have bought “local “ for years . Two years ago the family farm I bought from stopped producing. I started buying from another producer who uses reverse osmosis , being disappointed with the product I started my search and found this wonderful co-operative Maple Farmer’s. I have purchased from them the last to yrs. Their syrup is off the charts fabulous and they are an absolute delight to deal with and talk/share to.

Sam Riccobene
Love Home Made!

Buying products from people who make them is a big thing for me, and it’s a rare privilege too, right?

This Maple Farmers syrup is simply excellent. Buying it from Cory and this coop is a feel-good bonus.

Thanks to all y’all up there in the north country.
Sam from Austin, TX

Jackie LeBlanc
Love the delicate

I'm happy to wait for the Howard's light maple syrup. I have had it before and absolutely loved it.

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