Vermont Maple Syrup - Case of Twelve Half-Pints


Twelve half-pint (8 oz) bottles of pure Vermont maple syrup are included so you will have plenty to share. These rugged yet elegant bottles make perfect host/hostess gifts, thank-you presents, and stocking stuffers. 

    Our small batch pure Vermont maple syrup is traditionally crafted in rustic sugarhouses deep in the rolling hills of Vermont. It is made on small family farms over crackling wood fires with family and friends gathered around. The sap from the maple trees is collected and then boiled in small batches; there are no other ingredients – just pure maple syrup. Sip the unique flavors of the three grades and experience why we call it Vermont in a Bottle.

    • Made on our farms
    • Bottled on our farms
    • Wood-fired evaporators, not fuel oil
    • No high-brix reverse osmosis
    • No steam boilers
    • Glass bottles made in the US 
    • Eco-friendly packaging
    • Carbon neutral shipping

      Thank you for supporting our small family farms.

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