Vermont maple syrup grades

Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

There are four grades of syrup based on color and flavor: Golden & Delicate, Amber & Rich, Dark & Robust, and Very Dark & Strong. The flavors can be wildly different.
Vermont Maple Syrup Tasting

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Flavors

The flavors of pure syrup can vary significantly. The terroir of the soil, weather, and processing methods of the tree sap impacts the flavors. 

Glass bottles are the best containers for pure Vermont maple syrup

Why Use Glass Bottles for Maple Syrup?

Glass bottles will preserve the color and flavor of pure syrup. They are also recyclable. If syrup is stored in plastic jugs it will darken over time.
Bird-Friendly Maple Syrup

Bird-Friendly Maple Syrup

Audubon Vermont’s Bird-Friendly Maple Project encourages the management of maple sugarbushes that improve habitat for songbirds. By fostering a diverse forest, maple farmers can provide an environment that is more welcoming to birds as well as mammals and amphibians. 
collecting sap in the hills of Vermont

How Much Sap does it Really Take?

I cringe a little when someone states matter-of-factly that it takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup. The answer to that question really depends on the sugar content of the sap which is highly variable. 
small diameter tubing is used for natural vacuum in maple sap collection systems

Natural Vacuum to Boost Maple Syrup Production

Natural vacuum describes the process of using gravity to create a vacuum at each tap hole in the maple trees. The weight of the maple sap in the tubing is ‘naturally’ pulled down by gravity which creates a vacuum in the top of the tubing system where the trees are. 
Vermont maple syrup grades

Very Dark Maple Syrup

Once shunned as not good enough to serve as table syrup, the darkest of syrups has grown in popularity due to its strong maple flavor. When you need that extra punch of maple flavor, this it the one reach for. The overlooked Very Dark & Strong maple syrup certainly has its place in every kitchen. Try some the next time you are baking!
tapping maple trees in early spring in Vermont

Tapping Sugar Maple Trees

Here are some reasons why you should only put one tap per maple tree and not bother tapping the smallest maple trees. It may seem counterintuitive, but this will increase per tap yield and is kinder to the trees.
Pure Vermont maple syrup comes in many colors ranging from Fancy (Golden) to Very Dark.

What is Fancy Maple Syrup?

Prior to 2015, Golden & Delicate maple syrup was officially known as Vermont Fancy maple syrup. To this day, any old-time Vermonter will call t...
Sweetening the pans during maple syrup sugaring season

Sweetening the Maple Evaporator Pan

Maple syrup farmers, or sugarmakers, use the term “sweetening the pan”. A gradient of sugar created in the evaporator is established during the first boil of each season.

Storing Maple Syrup - Vermont maple syrup preserve the flavor with proper maple syrup storage

How to Store Maple Syrup – and save it when it goes bad

To store maple syrup properly, refrigerate or freeze it after opening. To maintain the color and flavor of your maple syrup, always store it in glass containers, never plastic.
reverse osmosis takes the water out of maple sap to turn it into the delicious maple syrup we all want to eat

Reverse Osmosis and the Maple Syrup Industry

Curious George learned the lesson the hard way: when the maple sap comes out of the tree, it tastes pretty much like water. It takes 40 or more gal...
traditional maple syrup drawing off in sugarhouse

Liquid Gold?! How much do maple farmers really get paid?

There are three types of markets for maple syrup: BULK, WHOLESALE and RETAIL. Each market has its pros and cons in the dance between resource input and profit output; however, market consolidation is pushing out the small farms.  

firewood makes the best fuel for making maple syrup

What is "Wood-Fired" Maple Syrup?

Did you know that most maple syrup is made with evaporators that burn fossil fuels? Not our syrup! All syrup sold through Maple Farmers is wood-fired.
Meet Our Puppy Named Maple

Meet Our Puppy Named Maple

We're excited to start sharing. Learn about small maple farmers and how they make real maple syrup. Get some delicious maple recipes to try. Read some entertaining stories of life on a maple farm. Look for posts coming soon!

We just had to start with a picture of our new puppy - Maple. She's pretty sweet.