Vermont maple syrup grades

Vermont Maple Syrup Grades

There are four grades of syrup based on color and flavor: Golden & Delicate, Amber & Rich, Dark & Robust, and Very Dark & Strong. The flavors can be wildly different.
The Vermont Maple Syrup Tasting Guide

Pure Vermont Maple Syrup Flavors

The flavors of pure syrup can vary significantly. The terroir of the soil, weather, and processing methods of the tree sap impacts the flavors. 

Vermont maple syrup flight of samples

Very Dark Maple Syrup

Once shunned as not good enough to serve as table syrup, the darkest of syrups has grown in popularity due to its strong maple flavor. When you need that extra punch of maple flavor, this it the one reach for. The overlooked Very Dark & Strong maple syrup certainly has its place in every kitchen. Try some the next time you are baking!
Pure Vermont maple syrup comes in many colors ranging from Fancy (Golden) to Very Dark.

What is Fancy Maple Syrup?

Prior to 2015, Golden & Delicate maple syrup was officially known as Vermont Fancy maple syrup. To this day, any old-time Vermonter will call t...